PFB Recruitment

Professional and Tailored Approach

PFB Recruitment is an independent recruitment agency dedicated to providing a professional and tailored approach to your recruitment needs.

Advantages of working with PFB Recruitment Limited

  • PFB Recruitment focus on listening to your needs and providing quality candidates
  • PFB Recruitment’s willingness to custom build solutions that will work for clients – whether it is a full outsource, hybrid model or project, we take time to truly understand the client’s needs and design a recruitment solution that will work for them.
  • PFB Recruitment’s focus on providing excellent relationship management & delivery
  • A senior account manager is assigned to manage the relationship with every client, ensuring their strategic recruitment needs are addressed, as well as their operational needs.
  • PFB Recruitment’s experience in the marketplace

There are many options we can offer to support your organisation, some of which are:

Sole Supply/Single Interface:

PFB Recruitment provide all permanent, contract and temporary recruitment requirements


PFB Recruitment Limited are included in your Preferred List of suppliers to provide permanent temporary or contract requirements

Fully Outsourced Basis:

PFB Recruitment Limited manages end-to-end recruitment solutions for some or all roles across your business.

Hybrid Basis:

PFB Recruitment Limited partner your own in-house recruitment team on an ongoing basis

Project Basis:

Complete a start-to-finish recruitment project. The nature of the engagement can be time bound and relate to a specific need, by type of role and/or geography

Screening and vetting

PFB Recruitment manages the initial phases of the recruitment process on your behalf to ensure you are seeing the right candidates.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

PFB Recruitment manage the entire recruiting/hiring process or any part of it. providing our own or adopting our client's technology, methodologies and reporting structure.